File a Formal Complaint


Formal complaints must be in writing. If possible, they should also:  

  • state the name of the alleged harasser (if known) and describe with reasonable specificity the incident(s) of alleged harassment, 
  • include the date and place of such incident(s). 
  • be in the Reporter’s own words, and not be authored by others, including family members, advisers, or attorneys. (Special arrangements can be made for individuals with disabilities or who have limited writing or English language skills) 
  • have a list of any sources of information (for example, witnesses, correspondence, records, and the like) that the Complainant or Reporter believes may be relevant to the investigation. However, a complaint should not be delayed if such sources of information are unknown or unavailable.

For a full discussion of the formal complaint procedure, including information about the investigation, involvement of law enforcement, confidentiality, appeals, and special circumstances, please read the full procedures.

The University is committed to make sure that disputes are resolved equitably and timely and that parties receive the supports they need during the process. Please see our full resources page for resources both within and outside the community.

To file a formal complaint please visit us or email your complaint to